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CamConnect Quickfacts
How Well is Camden Served by Open Space?
Public space is the infrastructure of community building. In the age of automobiles, when individuals are less likely than ever to walk, even for short distances, parks less than mile away give the best chance that residents will actually receive the health and community-building benefits of accessible open space. This quickfact examines what percentage of Camden's population falls into easy walking distance from parks.
Diabetes in Camden
Diabetes data from the Camden City Comprehensive Health Database.

CamConnect Reports
Camden Facts 2008: Public Health
Camden Facts 2008 section on public health

External Reports
New Jersey Childhood Obesity Study: Camden School BMI Data
Using data collected by Camden Public Schools for the 2008-2009 school year, Rutgers Center for State Health Policy prepared this report on body mass index (bmi) for Camden students.
New Jersey Childhood Obesity Study: Food Environment Maps
This report details the food environment in Camden in terms of access to supermarkets, smaller grocery stores, convenience stores, and limited service restaurants.
New Jersey Childhood Obesity Suvery: Camden Chartbook
This report details perceptions of food behaviors, food environments, physical activity behaviors and physical activity environments.
Camden City Community Health Profile
A 2006 Community Health Profile of Camden prepared by Holleran Consulting


External Resources