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Census Tract Changes and Population Update

Census Tract Update The 2010 Census took two pairs of Camden downtown census tracts and merged them, as the City's total went from 21 to 19 tracts. Population decreased slightly overall from 2000 to 2010, though a majority of the neighborhoods either had double-digit percent gains or losses in that span.

How Did Your Neighborhood Fare in the 2000 Census?
Camden's overall response rate for the 2000 Census was 57%. Compared to the national (72%) and county (74%) averages, Camden is markedly behind. This report details neighborhood trends in response rate and relative performance of each neighborhood based on "Hard to Count" Scores.
How Will Camden be Counted in the 2010 Census?
The 2010 Census will determine the distribution of approximately $370 billion in federal and state grant money annually in the next decade. It will also determine Camden's political representation, public perception, and commercial investment. This report details the difficulty Camden faces in achieving a fair and accurate Census count.

CamConnect Reports
Camden Facts 2008: Demographics
Analysis of demographic trends from Census 2000 data as well as more recent American Community Survey data.
External Resources
U.S. Census Data: the most reliable demographic data comes from the decennial census.
American Community Survey: more recent demographic data is available from the ACS, however, CamConnect cautions individuals when using ACS data due to a relatively small sample size and subsequent large margin of errors. (through 2008)
U.S. Census Population Division: Census bureau population estimates (through 2009)