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PATCO Daily Ridership
PATCO's Speedline, with one end rooted in the Camden county suburbs and the other in the heart of Philadelphia's center city, runs through the City of Camden with 3 of the line's 13 stations (City Hall, Broadway, and Ferry Avenue). With 23% of the stations, Camden nonetheless generates 30% of PATCO's riders. Read More

Access to High Speed Internet in Camden
On March 16th, 2010 the Federal Communications Commission announced its National Broadband Plan to bring high-speed internet connections to every home and business in America. All together, approximately 29% of Camden households have access to high-speed internet at home. Read More

Fact Sheet for Glassboro-Camden Light Rail Transit Line
Environmental Impact Statement fact sheet on the planned Glassboro-Camden Light Rail line. Read More

Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Glassboro-Camden Line
A draft of the Environmental Impact Statement prepared by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), and Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO). Read More