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An examination of Camden's Municipal Expenditures
The total size of Camden's operating budget has grown 26% after inflation, from $134 million in 2001 to $169 million in 2010, an average of 2.62% per year. While an increase of $35 million is large in absolute and per capita terms, and year-to-year swings of expansion and cuts have been very erratic, Camden's spending growth is actually somewhat slower than the 2.84% average annual growth rate in 2008 and '09 for all NJ Municipalities. This report analyzes trends in Camden's municipal expenditures since 2001. Read More

Camden's Municipal Revenues
Why is Camden in such persistent need of revenue? Costs are not just rising; revenue is falling. Poverty in the City, in the context of weakness in the broader economy, has meant that local revenues continue to decline as the State copes with its own budget shortfalls. The history of these revenues (local, special state aid, and formula state aid) falls into 3 phases. Read More

Camden Voter Participation in 2009 Elections
Trends in Camden turnout for the 2009 elections and analysis of resident voting patterns in gubernatorial and mayoral elections. Read More

CCOP's 2009 Survey on Camden's Recovery
CamConnect created the survey and analyzed the data for Camden Churches Organized for People's 2009 report. The report details resident and non-resident perceptions of change in areas ranging from economic development to public safety and education. Read More

Camden Facts 2004: Voter Participation
Camden Facts 2004: Voter participation in elections from 1997-2003. Read More

NJ Office of the State Auditor: Urban Enterprise Program
With $91 million in UEZ funding at stake, the recent audit suggests that some areas programs acquired property without explaining why, that some cities rely on the money to cover other municipal services without a plan to replace them, and that a large number of businesses defaulted on loans. Read More

2010 Amendments to MRERA Legislation
The Municipal Rehabilitation and Economic Recovery Act (MRERA) restructured Camden's governance and created a five-year recovery period in which the City would be run by a Chief Operating Officer. On January 18th, 2010, Gov. Corzine signed the "Camden Freedom Act" ending the state takeover and returning authority to local control. With the amendments to the legislation, the role of Chief Operating OFficer came to an end. Read More

Camden Audit: Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008
A performance audit of the City of Camden for the 2008 fiscal year to determine strengths and weaknesses in internal controls, compliance with state statutes and regulations, administration and payroll resources, and to identify efficiences that could lead to cost savings for the municipality. Read More

Background on the Municipal Rehabilitation and Economic Recovery Act (MRERA)
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