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2010 Participation Rates
The 2010 Census will determine the distribution of $370 billion in federal and state grant money annually in the next decade. Each additional person counted has the potential to bring the city $13,500 in federal funds over the next 10 years.
Camden's participation rate for the 2000 Census was 57%, much lower than the national average of 72%. Below are daily updated neighborhood response rates for the 2010 Census. See how your neighborhood is performing.
For the most up-to-date times and hours for Questionnaire Assistance Centers, visit:
2010 Census Take10 Map
CamConnect Reports on the Census
How Did Your Neighborhood Fare in the 2000 Census? Will Camden receive a fair and accurate count in the 2010 Census? Questionnaire Assistance Center Locations in Camden (Updated Tuesday, March 30th)
For Telephone Questionnaire Assistance on the 2010 Census, call:
  • English: 866.872.6868
  • Chinese: 866.935.2010
  • Korean: 866.955.2010
  • Russian: 866.965.2010
  • Spanish: 866.928.2010
  • Vietnamese: 866.945.2010
  • TDD (Telephone Display Device): 866.783.2010
    Neighborhood Participation Rates
    Cooper Poynt (6007) Pyne Poynt (6008) Cooper Grant (6006)
    Cramer Hill (6009) Biedeman (6010) Rosedale (6011.02)
    Dudley (6011.01) Stockton (6012) Marlton (6013)
    Central Waterfront (6005) Central Business District (6001) Lanning Square (6003)
    Bergen Square (6004) Gateway (6002) Parkside (6014)
    Waterfront South (6018) Liberty Park (6016) Centerville (6017)
    Whitman Park (6015) Morgan Village (6019) Fairview (6020)