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What is CamConnect?

CamConnect is dedicated to expanding and democratizing access to data and information for those who live and work in the City of Camden.

We are an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, data intermediary and data warehouse - the first of its kind in New Jersey. CamConnect is a member-supported organization. For information on becoming a member, click here.

We provide data, analysis, research, mapping, reports, technical assistance, program evaluation, survey design, data management, & an online public document library. For more information, visit our services page.

What Do We Do?

As part of its mission to expand and democratize access to data and information about Camden, CamConnect provides a wide range of services, including:

GIS Mapping
demographic analysis, parcel maps for development projects, original shapefile creation, asset mapping
Survey Design and Analysis
survey form development, programming of online and handheld survey instruments, analysis of results
Data Management
development of databases for data storage and reporting, synthesis of multiple data elements and sources, tracking of key indicators
Data Reports
CamConnect can work with your organization to produce vibrant and engaging data-driven reports
Constituent Mapping
generate maps of consituent groups, clients, employees, students etc. and analysis distribution among neighborhoods

Data Security: helping organizations meet protocols for data protection and encryption

Cataloguing Data Options: evaluating data capacities/needs and creating and maintaining databases that satisfy those demands

Technical Assistance and Training: review of software applications, identification of appropriate tools

Evaluation: comprehensive, data-driven review of grant program effectiveness


In addition, CamConnect produces professional information products, that offer fresh insights for community building and local policy-making.
Visit our reports section to view our most recent reports.